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Ridiculously Simple, Wicked Powerful Business-Class Hosting


Our entire portfolio of server offerings is tailored to your specific needs.


Slow websites hurt sales. As your needs grow, we can seamlessly upgrade your server package to keep customers happy.

Reliable & Secure

The industry's highest uptime rates, security monitoring, and cutting-edge hacking defenses.

Why Us?

Seriously, why choose us to host your website?

In 2015, we started with one idea in mind: To simplify hosting for our web design clients. Clients don't want to become experts on web hosting; they want to be experts in their businesses.

What We Do

How do you choose the right hosting solution for your site? Well, you can research server technologies, software, caching, security, and then research hosting companyies, their reputations, their hardware, their performance, etc. Or you could watch the TV ads and follow Danica Patrick’s suggestion. Or you could just google “cheapest web hosting” and go from there.

If you lean toward the second or third suggestions, we are not for you. Our clients want only to be experts in their business, not become hosting experts. That’s why they come to us; we’ve already completed all that research.

  • 1
    Research Server Technology
  • 2
    Research Security
  • 3
    Research Hosting Providers
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Here’s the great thing: We’ve already done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. You can focus on your business!

A Tour of One of our Datacenters

Our Palette of Solutions:

Value (Shared) Hosting

“Shared” hosting means that many websites reside on one web server. Shared hosting is cheap and fast enough for basic or low-priority website.


For Simple Sites

$7/ month
  • 500MB Storage
  • 5GB Bandwidth


For Growing Sites

$12/ month
  • 500MB Storage
  • 10GB Bandwidth


For Large Sites

$16/ month
  • 1GB Storage
  • 20GB Bandwidth

Managed WordPress Hosting

If your business depends upon your WordPress site, you need speed, reliability and peace of mind. We start with high-performance servers specifically designed for WordPress’s unique needs, and then we manage your site’s “back end,” from monitoring to security to upgrades to troubleshooting. We take the guesswork and stress out of maintaining your website with managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting begins at $70 per month.

App / eCommerce Hosting

Offered only pursuant to a development agreement with Codeificant Design LLC.